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Ted Cousens, MFT

Ted has enjoyed myriad life experiences, including a meditation practice in the Tibetan tradition and a twelve year career as a club and radio disc jockey. In 1999 he received his M.S. in counseling psychology from Dominican University. Ted is a contracted provider for numerous health plans, and has worked in various locations in Europe and the United States providing support to military including those that were victimized by the Hurricane Katrina. He specializes in working with trauma, depression, anxiety, substance abuse issues as well as couples, grief and loss and long term depth work, for those that desire deep core life transformation. Ted takes a transpersonal approach to psychotherapy, honoring the spiritual nature of life on our planet and works existentially to promote spiritual and emotional health via integration. For more information about Ted and his practice please visit his website or call.

Tel: 415.289.221


Alice Treves, LCSW

I have specialties working with adults from mindfulness-based, relational, and attachment perspectives. I create a therapy environment conducive to change- compassionate care and professional rigor. Supporting adults, teens and families who want to grow through their current challenges, is my passion and commitment. Conditions addressed include depression, anxiety, trauma, life transitions, adolescence, negative relationship patterns, and parenting struggles. I have trained extensively in Hakomi techniques, and in the pioneering work of Gordon Neufeld on attachment and the healthy development of children and adolescents, I teach as an adjunct faculty at Spiritrock Meditation Center, and have personal study and consultation in relational pyschodynamic practices. For more information about Alice and her practice please visit her website or call.

Tel: 415.847.7471

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Christa Santangelo, PhD

My passion is connecting people to their passion, their purpose.  When we are connected to our purpose, we have a momentum that expands and enlivens us. When we are disconnected from the truth within there is a sense of futility to our experience. I am a Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist in private practice and also on faculty at the University of California, San Francisco and the author of the book “A New Theory of Teenagers, Seven Transformational Strategies to Empower You and Your Teen”(Hachette Book Group/Seal Press, November 2018.) I have been in practice for thirty years and during that time have become comfortable with many approaches to change which include attachment oriented, cognitive-behavioral, analytic, mindfulness-based, energetic and others. I was trained at Yale University, hold advanced training in yoga/meditation and use mind-body approaches to healing, when indicated. I write for Psychology Today, The Huffington Post and have been featured in media including The New York Times and Sirius-XM radio.  Please visit my website for more information about my work.

Tel: 415.339.8788


Mark Hirschfield, MFT

I provide therapy for those who wish to create changes in their lives and relationships that are long-lasting and positive. I offer safe compassionate and supportive counseling in an atmosphere that deepens understanding, promotes healing, and releases potential. Unresolved emotional issues can stifle creativity, confidence, ambition, and our ability for good relationships. Trauma and loss can cause sadness, depression and pain that inhibit and block. My style of therapy is empathic and respectful of personal values and lifestyles. I use interactive talk therapy and other appropriate techniques such as EMDR. The presenting problems are first alleviated. Profound change and personal growth are then able to take place through understanding and healing of the deeper underlying issues. My specialties include: Depression / Anxiety; Grief / Loss / Bereavement; Effects of Childhood Abuse / Trauma / PTSD; Sex and Love Addiction / Sexuality /Internet Addiction; Social anxiety / Self-esteem / Shyness; Relationship Issues / Anger Management; Couples Counseling; Divorce / Co-parenting; Family Therapy / Child Therapy. For more information please visit his website or call.

Tel: 415.922.4444


Dyer Passano-Manning, MFT

I offer a supportive, collaborative approach. I help people find their own clarity and strengths. I listen deeply to each person's individual needs. I help facilitate a natural way toward transformation and provide useful tools for change. A note for parents: Raising our children can be very challenging work. There are times when a parent or child needs extra support to get through difficult times. I feel at ease working with young people. I've been a school counselor for over 10 years.


My specialties include working with adults and adolescents in any challenging transition in their lives. I have worked with adolescents for the past 10 years. I am a trained Parent Educator and I enjoy working with families also. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you.

You are invited to call me for a 20-30 minute free phone consultation, where I can answer any of your questions.

Tel: 415.323.0989

Marin Therapy Collective, Annelisa MacBe

Annelisa MacBean, PhD

I work with individuals and couples who present well, seem completely put together, and whose problems are not immediately apparent to others, or often themselves. My clients are generally highly ambitious, perfectionistic leaning people whose lives seem to be going pretty well on the outside – but are privately hurting. Sometimes the source of the hurt is clearly known, other times it’s waiting to be discovered. Either way, I focus on remediation of root causes so clients can fully thrive. The broad spectrum of possible topics we could explore may include sexual anxiety, conception complications, parenting concerns, professional growth, business development, grief, loss, depression or addiction, spiritual inquiry or consciousness evolution.

As director of The Transformative Learning Center, a Marin-based 501.C3 I specialize in Transformative Attention Practices that address spiritual as well as emotional depression, social paralysis and mental confusion resulting from unresolved trauma, issues of abandonment, grief and loss. Major life transitions can sometimes trigger spiritual awakenings which may be misperceived as psychotic breaks. Learning the difference is imperative and can be transformative. Spiritual Emergence.


Additionally, I offer executive consulting services, providing specialized insight to executives and entrepreneurs seeking to lead integrated, mindful lives in the 21st century business setting. Business & Executive Coaching.

For a free introductory meeting please call or email me here.

Tel: 415.729.5226

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